12 Black Owned Clean Beauty Brands You Need to Follow in 2021

Black Owned Brands Coming a Long Way

The beauty industry is enormous. You’d think that with the countless items that make up the immense market, everyone would feel represented by what is offered to us.  But, unfortunately for a long time, deeper skin tones have been totally ignored. Little products were developed with dark skin tones in mind, and many brands mistakenly thought one “deep” foundation shade was enough for all women of color and their various skin tones. So, for black beauty buyers, shade-finding and sourcing can feel rather difficult. We acknowledge that the beauty industry still has a long way to go, and a lot of work has to be done when it comes to inclusivity.


Systemic Racism

Systemic racism is deeply deep-rooted in society, and the global unrest surrounding racial injustice should be a call for action to support the Black community more than ever before. A small way to show involvement, love and commitment is by investing in Black-owned businesses.  

Making Progress

Thankfully, progress has been made and more and more products are being created for people of color, by people of color. Black-owned beauty brands are increasing by the day, with game-changers like Fenty Beauty pushing boundaries for inclusivity in the space and entrepreneurs putting their expertise into product lines you’ll want to keep buying again and again.

New indie names and legacy brands alike have risen to the occasion, expanding their product offerings to accommodate women of color, and Black women in particular. But plenty are also debuting products suitable for anyone and everyone, like luxury fragrance, clean hygiene products, and sunscreen that won’t leave a trace.

So, let’s look at some incredible brands that are part of the Clean Beauty Movement. This just a start, as there are plenty of Black-owned beauty brands that deserve your attention that aren’t included in our list.


Founder Katonya Breaux, like many Black people, was often left disappointed by the dearth of clean sunscreen products for our skin. Breaux created Unsun in 2016 to provide often overlooked skin tones with clean, non-toxic, and non-ashy sunscreen.

Editors pick…

Shani Darden

Aesthetician to some of your favorite stars (Shay Mitchell, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba), Shani Darden delivers results—and her products are no different. From the cult-favorite Retinol Reform to the Face Sculpting Tool, Shani Darden Skincare provides simple but effective products that give us our healthiest skin possible.

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As the name suggests, Buttah Skin’s products leave your skin feeling as soft as butter. Founded in 2018 by Dorion Renaud, Buttah Skin is built around shea butter to nourish your skin while proving feel-good ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.


OUI The People

OUI the People is not your average razor and shaving product brand. They offer top-quality shave and body products for people of all genders. What makes them different? They’ve retired the decades-old marketing strategy that perfection is the ultimate goal. Instead, they’re going #againstthegrain and reconstituting the meaning of beauty. Plus, they offer clean and sustainable products.


Editor’s pick


Dehiya Beauty is uniquely Moroccan-inspired with the simple goal to un-complicate skincare routines for women everywhere. Their skincare products are powered by highly effective plant-based ingredients that combine time-honored and modern beauty rituals.

They are also passionate about bringing inclusivity and diversity to the forefront of the beauty industry. Check out their beautiful Instagram account!

Bread Beauty Supply

If you’ve been embracing your natural texture during quarantine, add Bread Beauty Supply to your haircare lineup. The brand is on a mission to simplify wash day, with delicious smelling formulas for your best curls yet. The brand got picked up by Sephora in July, and its trio of wash-day essentials (hair wash, mask, and oil) has already made it to the best-sellers page. Bonus points for damn good packaging.


Mented Cosmetics

Mented—its name is short for pigmented—understands that nude means more than beige and is here to help you find your perfect nude for your lips.

Since launching its incredibly creamy and pigmented lipsticks, the brand expanded to include brow pencils, foundation, and blushes.

Although the brand caters to a range of skin tones, Mented promises to put women of color first, and it shows.

KNC Beauty

The brand behind Instagram’s favorite all-natural collagen-infused lip mask—and newly added retinol-infused eye mask—is brought to you by beauty columnist (and Instagram fave in her own right) Kristen Noel Crawley.

She launched her brand just two years ago, and it’s already stocked at luxe beauty destinations like Net-a-Porter and Violet Grey. The line will keep your lips and skin soft and plump, and as an added bonus, make for a pretty delightful selfie.

Taraji P.  Henson

Scalp health is at the core of actress Taraji P. Henson’s new hair-care line, which is broken up into categories of Scalp Care, Cleanse, Repair, and Treatment Stylers—but you can also browse by hair type. The packaging is definitely a sight for sore eyes, and we’re obsessed with this montage of throwback hairstyles donned by the queen herself.

Plant Apothecary

On the hunt for certified organic, eco-friendly self-care products?

Look no further than Plant Apothecary, the Black-owned destination for quality products infused with botanicals and essential oils, for all of your skin and grooming woes.

From clean body wash to a matcha mask, the planet-friendly formulas come in minimalist packaging that will look great on any shower caddy.




Born from a mother of six’s everyday struggle to detangle her children’s hair, Soultanicals offers an array of vegan hair and body products free of harmful chemicals and complete with botanical goodness to get stubborn strands in check.

From oils for improved growth to hair vitamins, the line of fragrant formulas is ideal for anyone who can never have enough tubs of deep conditioner.

Beauty Bakerie

Chances are you’ve seen Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whip liquid lipsticks on your Instagram feed. The lipsticks’ ability to stand up to smudging of any kind put the brand, and founder Cashmere Nicole, on the map back in 2014, and since then her baked-goods-inspired brand has been praised by everyone from Cardi B to Gabby Douglas.

The brand made headlines again in 2018 for numbering its foundations and powder from darkest to lightest (Glossier followed its lead), but all of the products are just as cute as they are pigmented.

Spread the word

As mentioned before, just because a company is Black-owned doesn’t mean it’s just for Black people. There are plenty of brands here that serve everyone! Amazing mascaras, luxe body butters, skin-perfecting serums, and moisturizing hair masks don’t care what color of the rainbow you carry.

So don’t feel like you won’t be able to find something that fits your skin tone or skin type because there definitely is something for everyone. On that note, take some time to scroll through this huge collection of amazing Black-owned beauty brands, buy some goodies, and spread the word!

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Fatma Haddad

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After studying law and working in the corporate field for years, she knew that her passion was elsewhere. Her dream was to own a clinic for non-invasive beauty treatments, which led her to become a certified beauty therapist.
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