About us

YIVINA – Our Mission

We care about what is inside your beauty products and what that means for your health and the environment. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the beauty industry, and help consumers make healthy, safe, and sustainable choices towards their beauty products. To this day, the beauty industry is one of the least regulated, allowing for products to contain toxic and harmful ingredients, and vague labeling that is either misleading or keeps information away from the consumer. 

Additionally, we aim to stimulate and grow the attention for clean beauty in the Middle East. Historically, the Middle East has an incredibly rich past when it comes to the use of natural products, and many have found their way to contemporary beauty. We aim to contribute to sharing that wealth within the clean beauty movement, as well as bring brands and their products from outside the region to regional consumers.

YIVINA represents ambition, reliability, and luxury in Clean Beauty.

YIVINA Ambition

The possibility of safe and healthy beauty is real more than ever.

YIVINA is part of the Clean Beauty Movement with the revolutionary ambition to shift the beauty industry towards clean skin care and beauty.

YIVINA Clean Beauty offers lifelong healthy, rejuvenating and luxurious solutions for women with high expectations of their personal care products.

YIVINA Reliability

The Clean Beauty industry is emerging and flourishing all around the world.

For consumers it is increasingly difficult to know and understand which products are really clean, natural, organic, vegan, nontoxic, etc.

YIVINA brings that information to you, and promotes the best products on the market based on science and the latest developments in the clean beauty industry.


Luxurious skin and beauty solutions matter. Your appearance matters, because it is the external expression of you.

YIVINA Clean Beauty is the ultimate go-to solution for luxury, comfort and elegance in skin care and beauty. YIVINA is the expression of luxury in you.


About Fatma

Born in Holland and currently living in Beirut. I’m a mother of 3 children.
After studying law and working in the corporate field for years I knew that my passion was elsewhere. My dream was to own a clinic for non-invasive beauty treatments, which led me to become a certified beauty therapist.
For years I was the co-owner of a beauty clinic, where I led the department for non-invasive cosmetic treatments, working long hours, and finding it hard to stay healthy in the process.
Because it became increasingly important to me to approach life and business from a holistic perspective, I sold my business to redirect my purpose. As I started to concentrate on fitness, healthy living, and what I was putting in my body, I became more aware of what I was also putting onto my body. I could no longer avoid asking myself serious questions about the ingredients in my beauty products, using years of experience in the beauty industry and building knowledge of ingredients. I knew as no other, about toxins and vague labeling, to keep information away from consumers.
And that’s where I fell in love with clean beauty. As I started to incorporate clean beauty products into my personal life, I quickly realized that what made them special extended far beyond being non-toxic. They were indulgent, had beautiful textures and they worked even better than their conventional counterparts.
Today, with YIVINA, we want to get as many people as possible to also experience, and fall in love with the power of clean beauty.

About Minou

I am originally from the Netherlands and am the mother of a 22-year-old young man. I live in Beirut, Lebanon.
Alongside being a co-founder of YIVINA, and with a background in psychology, sociology, and coaching, I run a coaching business specializing in self care and wellbeing. 

For years, skincare was something I avoided as much as I could. With a dry and extremely sensitive skin, its reactivity to many skin care products, led me to adopt a ‘no products needed’ philosophy for years since adolescence.

Time passed, and with my skin being more exposed to sun, pollution, and ageing, that obviously didn’t prove to be a sustainable strategy. And here began my search for products I was not in the least interested in, but that became an urgent matter, nevertheless. 

Questions came to mind immediately about the ingredients in potential skin care products I was going to use and how my skin would react to those. It didn’t take long before I discovered the world of beauty was one full of toxins, unclear regulations and labeling that often didn’t mean much.

This is where my journey into clean beauty started, and, with that, an unexpected passion for quality products that serve the needs and desires of our skin away from toxins and pollution.

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