What Are The Benefits of a Skin Care Routine?

Your Skin is Your Largest Organ

The skin is the largest organ your body has, yet many of us still neglect it. The skin is exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants all of the time. Once damage is done, it can be difficult to reverse it. The younger you are when you start taking care of your skin the better, but it is never too late to establish healthy habits. It is important either way.

So, how to start taking care of your skin and developing a skin care routine that helps the biggest organ to do its job better and longer.

how to start a

skin care routine

There are two basic steps that should go into every skin care routine, no matter how old you are. They are a cleanser and a moisturizer.

Many people find it beneficial to add a third step to their basic routine, called “toning.” There are many toners out there, all with different goals. This step generally goes between cleansing and moisturizing.

It’s important to buy a product suitable for your skin type: aimed at oily, dry, or combination skin, rather than just blindly picking and choosing the most convenient and cheapest product.

If a skin care routine is new for you, you also do not want to start too many things at one time, as this can damage the skin and make it difficult to tell what is working and what is not.

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Benefits of a Skin Care Routine

Taking care of your skin comes with many benefits on the short and long term. These are the most important ones to be aware of:

  1. Our skin sheds itself daily – You may think your skin is healthy today, but did you know your skin sheds cells just about every minute of every day? This means the healthy skin you have today will be shedding tomorrow, so if you don’t care for it now you could lose it to dull, less than perfect skin.
  2. Beautiful skin is a lifelong process – If you want gorgeous skin 30 years from now, the choices you make today will help that happen.
  3. Prevention is easier than recovery – Preventing potential skin problems now is easier than trying to fix skin issues in the future.
  4. A skin care routine saves you money – When you take care of your skin health, you avoid issues down the line that can be costly.
  5. When you look good you feel good – Having clean and clear skin can help boost your confidence and keep you looking your best!
  6. It can encourage you to adopt other healthy routines and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Your Own Skin Care Routine

To help you create a healthy and happy skin care routine, you can download our Day and Night Time Skin Care Routine here.

It contains simple and easy steps to follow for anyone looking to create or improve their skin care routine.

Download your own Morning and Evening Skin Care Routine here.

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Fatma Haddad
Fatma Haddad

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