10 Skin Tools and How to Use Them

Skin tools

Navigating the world of at-home skin-care tools is tough. You can’t exactly take a pore extractor or microneedling device for a test run at a shop the way you would a lipstick. And then, of course, there’s the cost to factor in.

Some of the most popular at-home skin-care tools on the market, including facial rollers, massaging wands and gua sha stones, are also the simplest. Despite their varying shapes — rollers look like miniature paint rollers, massaging wands tend to be cylindrical and gua sha stones are flat with curved edges.

Incorporating a facial massage tool into your regular beauty routine might just be the fast-track to flawless skin – and now, you don’t need to be a professional to own one.

So, what exactly are the benefits of these strange-looking gadgets? Generally speaking, using a tool to massage your face can alleviate tension in overworked muscles, (good for jaw-clenchers), which not only feels heavenly but can also tone and lift your complexion.

Skin tool traditions

Many facial massaging tools are also rooted in ancient traditions. There’s evidence, for example, of jade rollers having been used in beauty rituals dating as far back as seventh-century China, and gua sha has origins in the ancient medical traditions of China and Southeast Asia.

 Similarly, some massaging wands, like the Kansa massager, which is made of wood and Kansa metal comes from Ayurveda, India’s traditional healing system. Many of these tools are made out of Insta-worthy jade or rose quartz crystals, but the reason for that goes way beyond the ‘gram. Many believe the stones have healing properties that can be transferred to the skin.


So kicking your lymph system into gear, a jade roller or gua sha stone, can shift toxins and blockages, meaning those long-lost cheekbones will soon reappear, higher and sharper than ever. Alternatively, pick a tool enhanced with vibrational technology, and it’ll aid absorption of all those lovingly applied serums and creams, ensuring you see optimal benefits from your products.

 Regular use brightens, tightens, drains toxins, and reduces puffiness by boosting the supply of vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin, giving you that immediate, fresh glow.

If all that hasn’t gotten you convinced, consider the soul-soothing benefits too. These little tools are packed with stress-busting power. Try rolling one over just-cleansed skin after an anxious day, and you’ll soon feel relaxed.

From holistic heroes Herbivore to skin-tech innovators Foreo, all beauty brands are now jumping on board, crafting tools from jade and rose quartz or using sonic technology to bring salon-standards results to your home.

We’ve rounded up the best face massage tools to start practicing with now!

Angela Caglia Skincare

Rose Quartz

Facial Roller

 Not only is the product beautiful, it also feels incredible gliding across my face. pop it into the fridge an hour before using so it’s nice and cool for application.

It instantly helps depuff the face, which makes it both feel and look more alive and bright than before.


GloPRO Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool

Most people always been a little scared of microneedling (it sounded painful/hazardous), but after the first use, the skin will loo super radiant and pores will look smaller.

It’s also helps break up acne scarring and lighten hyperpigmentation, This dermaroller has a red LED light to further stimulate collagen production, and you can swap out the needle head for a rose quartz roller to soothe and depuff your skin.


Mount Lai’s Amethyst

Facial Roller

Mount Lai’s face roller is an incredibily smart buy. This amethyst version not only looks incredibly chic, but is believed to connect you with your inner power and wisdom. No doubt, that this mind-soothing rolling motion is sure to set your chakras straight.

Rose Quartz

Crystal Face Roller

Beauty retailer Cult Beauty saw jade-roller sales increase 15% in 2019, and their popularity shows no sign of waning this year.

Skin Gym’s naturally cool rose-quartz creation calms swelling and redness in seconds when combined with upwards and outwards rolling motions.

Our skin looked perkier after one use, and the process is meditative and relaxing – perfect for just before bed.

Face Sculptor

Beauty Roller

This cooling metal roller mimics the action of an expert facialist’s knuckles, firmly kneading your skin to firm and tone for that post-pro facial lift. Simply roll over clean skin or after applying a serum to help tired skin defy gravity.

The Jade Facial Spa Set

A step up from the single roller, Mount Lai’s natural jade double-act is perfect for gifting (or for a serious self-care session).

 First things first…

Get to grips with the original roller first, then massage a little deeper with the traditional gua-sha stone.

Sarah Chapman The Facialift

Sure, it looks a little scary, but this celeb-approved contraption is the holy grail for any habitual jaw-clencher. Studded with nodules, the four massage wheels treat the jawline using a firm but comfortable kneading technique, which mimics the fingertips and knuckles, bringing blood to the surface and unravelling tight muscles.

Foreo Iris Eye Massager 

Just when we thought nothing could top our Foreo Luna, along came the Iris – and our eyes have never looked brighter or more awake. Many of us avoid applying pressure to the ‘delicate’ eye area when it comes to eye creams or serums, but experts argue that being too gentle could make bags and dark circles worse.

This oval-shaped contraption harnesses two modes of vibration, tapping and pulsing (much like professional massage techniques), to keep those fluids moving. Who needs concealer?


Hayo’U Body Restorer

It may not look like much but investing in Hayo’u’s Beauty Restorer might just be the best thing you ever do for your skin and your stress levels.

As part of an evening skincare routine (preferably after slathering on a luxe moisturizer or facial oil), press and stroke the cool metal against your skin for a minute or so.

It has the clever ability to bring down inflammation (yep, even raging, under-the-skin spots), and to kick-start micro-circulation at the skin’s surface by a proven 400%. More blood flow = plump, pillowy skin.

Antonia Burrell Facial Lift In A Box

What’s the next best thing to having renowned facialist Antonia Burrell work her magic on your skin in person? This clever little box, of course.

Inside, you’ll find elements of Antonia’s famous Face Lift Facial, including a luxurious cleansing oil, serum and an unctuous moisturizing cream.

However, the most interesting part is the little rubber cones: they draw blood to the surface of the skin with a special suction technique that emulates her skin-plumping cupping massage.

It’s such a treat to use and the results are undeniable. Hello, glow!

What is the difference between jade rolling and gua sha?

“The main difference between jade rollers and gua sha tools is that jade rolling is mainly a lymphatic drainage massage, and gua sha is a fascial [i.e., fibrous tissue] release massage. “Think foam rolling, but for your face. 

This process feels especially relaxing because you’re gradually releasing the tension in your face. “Imagine you have a tight muscle in your neck or back. When you use a foam roller or a foam ball, you’re pressing into the tension to create blood flow and break up the fascia, which brings relief. These tools are working the same way. Their common goal is to promote optimal circulation and lymphatic drainage.”

How to use Facial Massaging Tools at Home

You can use FACIAL ROLLERS on clean, dry skin, but a lot of skin-care professionals advise using them with your favorite serum or face oil to avoid skin-tugging friction and help with product absorption. Regardless of how you choose to use one, it’s recommended keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer for an extra cooling effect and spritzing it with alcohol before and after each use to get rid of unwanted bacteria.

There’s no real right or wrong way to use a facial roller, which is part of their appeal, recommended is the following method: “Roll up and down jawline to firm up sagging jowls. Then, go up into cheekbones to massage away tension and to contour. Next, use the smaller end of the roller (if yours has one) to roll under eyes to help increase circulation and reduce puffiness. Continue up the face and roll in between the eyebrows to relax the ‘angry 11,’ and finally, don’t forget to roll the neck area, which is often neglected but needs massaging and TLC. Always make sure you are moving the roller from the center towards the outside of the face.”

With so many different skin tools available to you, you can create your own elaborate facial care routine.


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